Автономная Экологическая НПО Зеленый Дон

сокращенное название организации : 
Зеленый Дон
тип организации : 
экологическая НПО
регион : 
бассейн р.Дон
административная территория: 
Ростовская область
город : 

We are publishing two regional nespapers "Zelenij Don" ("Green Don") and "Donskoj Kraj" ("Don Land") and one electronic periodical "InformZedon".
Over the last decade the movement actively participated in regional decision-making process through winning few election campaigns on municipal and regional levels. Our representatives played an important role in regional environmental protection: we had our representatives as the Chairs of Regional Ecological Commission and other environmental committees and initiated the creation of various International interparliamentary commissions for the solution of transboundary problems.
In order to provide the social support within the local population the movement has founded few Cossacks organizations and initiated the creation of Permanent Commission on Cossacks at the regional Council of Peoples’ Deputies and Committee on Cossacks within the Regional Administration.
For scientific and legal grounding of the movement activities we have founded the following organizations:
• reseach and consultancy agency “DonEco”;
• Center for Coordination and Information “AzovBass” for regional ecological NGOs;
• Don Committee for legal protection; and
• Don Green Party.
The Azov Interparliamentary Russian-Ukrainian commission was also created with active participation of our movement. We have initiated couple of parliamentary hearings of fishery problems and policy in Russian State Duma. Other important achivements include campaign and public examination of Rostov Nuclear Power Plant and its blockage and saving the last sturgeon spawning population in the Don river through regional administration.
Although the movement is totaly voluntary based, we have rich experience in grant application and management.

We can offer
- patented innovative technologies in restoration of river ecosystems, in particular the technologies of non-forced fishpassages of migratory fish species through dams;
- various patented devices in hydraulic works;
- basin concept for sustainable regional development elaborated by us;

Experts (consultants to Russian State Duma) on:
- Fishery;
- Environmental legislation;
- Hydraulic works and fishpassing devices;
- Journalism;

- access to our wide network of regional NGOs and local communities, such as Cossack movements, in river basins through Russia,
- established and funcitoning network for Azov Sea basin environmental NGOs "AzovBass";

Expertise and experience for Russia in the following:
- national environmental policy and politics;
- public campaigns and raising public awareness;
- environmental legislative issues;
- lobbying environmental interests on local, regional and national state levels;
- local election campaigns;
- introduction of environmental issues into elementary and higher education

Mass Media:
- two regional officially registered newspapers (2-3 issues per year, depends on available financial support);
- electronic periodical "InformZedon" with more then two hundred subscribers;

контактное лицо: 
Лагутов Владимир Викторович
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